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Lesbian Sugar Mama Dating Club targets lesbians of any age group, including lesbian singles and lesbian couples. Lesbian Sugar Mama Dating Club is for lesbian women and Sugar Girls, who want to meet, hookup or start a relationship with the best looking sugar mamas and sugar babies.

Among gay/lesbian types we invite the following, however other lesbian types not included in this list can just choose “Other/Alternative” under the sign up process:

a. The activist lesbian is known for her passion for social justice as it pertains to being a lesbian. Butch, femme, young, and old, the activist lesbian has no distinct look, since she can represent any type of lesbian you may meetup. One thing is for sure though she's inspirational, passionate, and a lover of justice.

b. A lipstick lesbian, or femme lesbian, mostly loves to dress in a feminized or "girly" look. Skirts, dresses, jewelry, lipstock, elaborate blowouts, lipstick lesbian ladies go all in. They are known for lurking in Sephora or for shopping.

c. The chapstick lesbian is somewhere between a butch lesbian and a lipstick lesbian. This means a chapstick lesbian can go both ways, while butch lesbians tend to look masculine and lipstick lesbians like looking ultra girly.

d. To one degree or another “The butch” lesbian presents herself as tough, make-up free and masculine. This has nothing to do with her trying to look like a man, but challenging your idea of what a woman should look like, while looking hot as hell in the process.

e. A stone butch lesbian is a butch lesbian (see above) who derives pleasure from giving other women pleasure. She is a giver and not a receiver, so do not under any circumstances get that confused.

f. There are bois in the gay community and the lesbian community. In the lesbian community the boi lesbian is biologically female but presents as looking boyish. Bois tend to date older partners.

g. Power lesbian - The power lesbian is a lesbian in control or for lack of a better word in charge! She's the ambitious type.

h. A "hasbian" is a woman who once identified as a lesbian but now dates men and doesn't identify themselves as being straight OR bi. They were a lesbian, now they are dating a man, and who knows what the future might hold.

i. LUG stands for "lesbian until graduation." This is the undergraduate lesbian-curious girl, who is finally experimenting with her sexuality and discovering that she is a lesbian.

j. The sport lesbian isn't characterized so much as being attracted to other women as much as she is obsessed with her sport of choice.

k. The baby lesbian is a woman and a girl who has just come out of the closet and started becoming a part of the lesbian community.

Lesbian Sugar Mama Dating Club is all about the relationship between a sugar mama and sugar baby, so rich and successful women seeking young girls nearby will build arrangements and fulfil their relationship desires.

Our App & dating site has a simple and effective matchmaking algorithm, so sugar babies and sugar mommas can set up meetings and enjoy no strings-attached relations.

Relations as such are related to your values rather than your race and religion. Our App connects lesbian sugar mamas and lesbian sugar babies, so they can build trust and a feeling that they are needed by each other.

You must be at least 18 years old to install and use Lesbian Sugar Mama Dating Club. The App is 100% free to download and will find your perfect Sugar Baby match - Install now and let your fantasy become reality.

Our App has following key features:

  • Send and Receive messages
  • Upload & share images
  • See who likes you
  • Browse profiles invisibly
  • Advanced match search options
  • Extended Search
  • Attractive Or Not
  • Audio Chat
  • Video Chat
  • 3DCity (including Street Chat and Games)

Cheers & kind regards from the “Lesbian Sugar Mama Dating Club” team

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